Welcome to my website and thank you for reading my blog. In this blog, I will tell you all you need to know about doTerra, wellness and natural remedies and healthcare and what it has done for me and my family.

Of course, let’s start at the beginning. I grew up in a family of 6 kids. My father always had a big vegetable garden. So I’m used to eating healthy. Eating 5 or 6 different kind of vegetables each day is normal to me. My mom made sure that our family doctor was a homeopathic one. So I learned at a young age that natural remedies are better than the chemical ones. Also, 2 of my siblings studied medicine, and of course they discussed at the dinner table what they had learned that day. Not always the kind of stories you would like will trying to eat your diner. So what I have learned as a young kid, is something that I apply in my own family now. We eat very healthy, processed food is not welcome in our home. And of course, we look for natural remedies first.
So why the doTerra oils? What makes doTerra different from other companies? I just love their vision on how life should be. We, the people in control of our own health. And they do that without the compromises a lot of other companies make. All products are 100% pure. If you buy a doTerra oil, you get 100% pure oil. Not a mixture of chemicals with a drop of essential oil. All products grown for doTerra are grown without chemicals, so it is all 100% organic. Good for the environment, but most of all: good for you! I love the integrity of the company. If a harvest fails, they don’t compromise on the product, by offering you something of a lower quality. They just don’t sell the product and do all they can to have a better harvest next time. doTerra is all about quality. Quality of the products, but most of all, quality of life for the person using their products. And I only want the best for my family, so getting these oils into our home was really a no brainer.

So let me tell you my story. A couple of years back, I was working on a corporate job. My home, the babysitter and my work were all in different cities. So on my work days, we had to travel 120 km or 74 miles on the busiest highways in the country. So after a long day of work and travel we got home and I would bring our boy to bed. No problem so far. I still breastfeed him at the time, so he would drink for about 10 minutes and he would be a sleep. But those 10 minutes became 15, then 20, 30, 45, 60 and even 90 minutes or longer. As you can probably imagine, I was a wreck. I was completely exhausted. I
really didn’t know what to do.
Then my dear brother handed me a little brown vial and said: I’m going make your life easier. Just one drop under his foot and all your problems will be gone.
Now I know what you think, because I thought it too. But I trust my brother really blindly, so I just put that drop under that little foot. What would be the worst thing that could happen? For me at that time, it really couldn’t get any worse. Little did I know then. But behold…….he was down and out within 15 minutes. He was sound asleep, as only a small kid could do. Without a care in the world. I remember standing next to his bed, wondering what just had happened to me.
From that experience, we started to try different oils and about 2 months later, our entire lives turned upside down, because our beloved son got an accident with hot water.
He was only 14 months old and 20% of his body had second degree or worse burn wounds. The skin on his face, neck, torso and belly were gone. He spend a month in a burn unit, of which the first three days on an ICU. After about 10 days he got a skin transplant on his torso, because the skin just wouldn’t close there. It was really my worst nightmare coming to life. I got stretched way beyond I thought I was capable of. I would not wish this upon anyone.
After returning home and learning that all wounds had closed, we decided to try the oils to help his recovery. We did everything the doctors told us too, but added this small thing. We started putting Frankincense, Lavender and Melaleuca with Fractionated coconut oil on the burned areas. Every time we had to go see the doctor, a team of people would stand around him in amazement of his recovery and how beautiful all the wounds were healing. Now, two years later we still put oils on his wounds every morning and evening. We can still see improvement of his skin, every day again.
You probably understand, why I have to share my story or why I love this oils so much. Because if this works for us, it will work for you too. I know it will. No doubt in my mind here. But not only that. These oils gave me something precious back: my life. I was a wreck, exhausted and without joy in life. These oils give me my power, life and joy back. I had once again control and a choice on what I wanted to do and when I wanted to. My deepest wish for you is, that you might know that you have a choice too. That you will get back the control of your life. That the power of decisions is in your own hands and you’re not at the mercy of anything that could hold you back and live a life less of the one you deserve. Because every single person in this world is special and deserves the best of all this world has to offer.
If you are ready, just send an email to info@oilknowingmom.com today and let’s see together how you can reach all your goals in life. Because you are worthy to do so.
Love you! Take care and take control of your health today, Marie-Christine