How to get out of a funk, go Wild Orange. Day 2 blog challenge

Have you ever started something new and feeling completely fired up about your new project? Just to find yourself in a flunk the next day? I’ve been there, done it, now writing the blog about it. Just 2 days ago, I came across this great blogging challenge, feeling all confident and happy about it. The weather was great that day, I had some great news. The blog just wrote itself. Life was just great.

Then to wake up this morning, to a bit of a grey world outside and wondering where that fire went over night. A feeling that the day is just going on with me standing on the sideline watching.

So what to do about it? Well first, sitting down and write anyway. I made a commitment to do this, so let’s do it. Then second, I’ll find some liquid motivation and peace. No, not the kind some of you might think now. It is just early afternoon and there’s a 4 year old at home. Beside the fact that I don’t even drink alcohol.

I have a way better solution. Way cheaper and better for you liver. It actually helps support it. So, I go get my bottle of Wild Orange. I put just one drop in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, shortly rub the back of my neck, then cup my hands and inhale deeply. Just letting this sweet aroma wash over me. This lovely oil supports a positive mood, restores my physical energy and inspires my feelings of abundance and creativity. Next to that, my fear for what to write those 29 other days softly melts away. When I smell this oil, it feels like walking in an orange plantation. I can almost feel the sun shining on me.

I remember doing this when I still was working on my corporate job, after long dragging meetings or just before the end of the day, a little Wild Orange pick me up did the trick. Every time. For my 81 year old mother with diabetes and kidney problems I made some body lotion with Wild Orange in it. She was (and still is) wildly enthusiastic about it. That sweet smell helps her every day to have a good start of her day.

Funny thing is, mom to mom here, that if you put a drop of Wild Orange with Lavender in a diffuser in your child’s bedroom, it sleeps better. The Lavender has a calming effect and helps with anxiety and falling asleep and the Wild Orange in this case helps to sleep better through the night. I have no clue how it can be so motivating on one side and helps promote a better sleep, but it just does.

But to be honest, my other favorite way to get out of a funk, is to toss my laptop aside, go sit on the couch with a little boy and getting/ giving some hugs. That little smile on a lovely face, does it every time. Really, this oil is giving me some great ideas. Maybe some nice yoghurt with some oil in it? Yummy. No! Resisting the urge to do those things right away, I’ll be finishing my blog first.

The best way to get out of a funk? Just get up and take action. I noticed it doesn’t get any better by just sitting or lying down and stay there. Action is the best antidote. I know that Wild Orange helps my flow, so I inhale it deeply, get my focus on what I would like to achieve and get up and do it. Will it be perfect? Maybe not, but the result will always be better than having done nothing it all. Besides every time I’ll try, it gets better, until I reach the point that I’ll feel happy with the results. So now it is time to log off and enjoy some quality time with my kid. Until the next time!

To your health,