A good night’s rest. Blog challenge day 3

As you know, I took on a blogging challenge. After an extreme busy day yesterday, I started writing for day 3. Because I was tired, I decided to write while sitting on my couch. You will never guess what happened….I fell asleep while writing.

So there are two conclusions here, I have to make a few less appointments and things on my to do list. I know talking big about self-care. Probably because I need it the most. Also I need a bit more sleep. As you can tell, I have zero problems falling asleep. I know there are many mommy’s and daddy’s out there who would love a good night sleep, but simply don’t get it. Either they can’t fall asleep, or the children won’t (so you don’t get any sleep either).

I probably don’t have to tell them, how important a good night of sleep is. Please take care of yourself by making sure everybody in your family gets the sleep they need. Your overall health will improve, you’ll gain more focus, so you perform better at work and school. Kids grow in their sleep, so next to eating well, they need enough sleep to grow. When you sleep enough ladies, your hormones are less mixed up, your significant other will like that. Next to all of that, the spirit in your home will definitely improve.

Here a few great tips:

1) if possible, let everyone sleep in his own bed and room. Make sure the beds are comfortable and the room is dark and free of electronic equipment.

I remember a few years back, that our Jonathan would wake up like 6,7 time a night. That was so hard. I was completely worn out. At that time he would still sleep in our bedroom in his own bed. We made our study his bedroom and then he would only wake up once a night till he slept through the night.

2) have an open window at night for fresh air (when possible).

3) try some great pure oils.

The first doTerra oil I ever tried was a blend called Serenity. This because our little boy had a lot of trouble falling asleep. He kept me busy for 1,5 hours or more after a busy day. My brother gave me a sample and I just tried it. I had nothing to lose. He fell asleep with 15 minutes. Really as sweet as a little angel. I still remember standing next to his bed, wondering what had happened here. Till this day, we are now 3,5 years later, he loves to get a drop of oil under his feet before going to bed. Next to that I have a monster spray to help sleep. It is a few drops of Lavender oil with water in a spray bottle. I spray it around his bed before sleeping and he is counting zeros in no time.

I just love how this works. I was at a friend’s house. Her youngest child (with ADHD) had just been at his first ever scouting meeting. He was all hyper. I gave his mother the bottle, let him smell it, put a drop under his feet and see what happened. He took some pillows and a sleeping bag and lay down on the floor in front of the tv and watch a movie. His mom watched him in awe. He had never done that before. He loved it too, because he would come to her now every evening, put his feet up and go to bed and fall asleep. She got a part of her life back too.

I know sleeping can be a challenge. If you are still struggling: there is an answer. It might be the oils I just wrote about, it could be another oil. Sometimes you just have to try. I know your future self will be very happy if you do. I so wish and hope you will get the sleep you’ll deserve.

Just let me know how I can help, so you and your family can enjoy a good night’s rest too.

To your health (and sleep).