So, may I ask you some questions? What are you looking for? What is important for you? What do you value? I mean in life and in a store or business.

I mean, when I tried my first oil, I had no clue what my brother gave me. It worked, I really didn’t care what it costed, it made sure we all got our sleep and rest. That was more important to me. When I heard about the co-impact sourcing, I fell in love with the idea right away. I love the fact, that people that work hard, get a fair price for it. That people in countries I don’t know are better off, because of a product I love to use.

Some while back I heard somebody say something, that stuck with me. It was: someone is paying the price, for our price. Did you ever think about that? Sure, I love discount just as much as you. Since we can spend our hard earned dollars or euros only once, I can understand that sometimes there have to be a compromise here. But what are you willing to give up for it? Your health? Your child’s health?

When I walked the street I got approached by a sales man from an energy company.  This company was a bit cheaper, but also 100% green. Only wind or solar energy. This was a no brainer for us. We live on this beautiful planet, but we borrowed it from our kids. It is our task to leave it in a better state for them.

Last week my son went for his test swimming lesson. I asked the manager on duty, what would be the best for him. Do two lessons a week or just one? Her answer was perfect: it would be better for us, to do the two lessons, because we would get more money. But I could not advice this, because we noticed that if children go to fast in this stage, they get problems later on. So take your time, at least 10 weeks of 1 lessons. That would be the best for him. I signed up right there. Not only because I saw how they treated him and how the lesson went, but because she was thinking of my son first, then money coming in.

Why would I sign up with them? Why would you want to work with me or sign up with me? Because that is exactly how I run my business. I don’t want to “sell” something you don’t need, or isn’t good for you. I started doing my business, because I thought this would be a perfect way to serve my Lord. By serving His children, to empower them, helping them achieve their goals and dreams in their lives. By sharing products that are 100% pure, natural and safe. Because I know that by using this wonderful products I change the lives of many people I’ve never meet, in places I’ve never been. But I’m thankful for their hard work and I want to honor that work by sharing those wonderful products with you. And because I know without a doubt that they work. I have seen it, I have felt it and wish from the bottom of my heart you could experience that too.

So if your health is important, if caring for others and a better planet is important for you, you’ll know now what to do. Send me a message and tell me, how can I serve you best.

To your health,