So today I would like to tell you a bit more about doTerra’s Veráge Skin Care Collection. My experiences and review of the products. But let me tell you a bit more about me, so you understand my passion for it better.

I have bad skin, better said I used to have bad skin. When I was 14 years old these outbreaks of pimples would start. My dear mother tried everything she could think off, money no problem to help me. A little side note to some moms here: please if you feel like this too, take a deep breath and take 10 steps back here. I know you have been a teenager too, but it really is no fun to have your mom in your face about your face all the time. It’s not helping yourself esteem. But anyway, some of it helped for a few months, so did nothing. When I was 24 years old, I was kind of done with it myself. I had seen some interview about a lady and her skin problems and decided to try her cure. It was called La Prairie. It did wonders to my skin, but also to my wallet. I know that most people are not in the position to buy a 260 dollar/ euro day cream for their children or themselves.

So my skin looked great, got married, got a child, starting to work less and then I began to wonder what to do. I liked those products, but I can’t tell my child it will not get new shoes, because I need a new night cream. Around that time, two things happened. The first was the launch of the new doTerra Veráge Skin Care Collection. The second was not so much fun, my dear son had infected me with an impetigo infection. Because I have a self-care routine of cleansing my face every morning and evening, it had spread around my entire face. I looked awful, with blisters and infections all over. I thought my life was over. I couldn’t go anywhere with a face like that.

The simple solution was going to the doctor (which you should always do in serious cases), but I thought I’ll try that new product line. I had just bought it with my free product points. So I thought I can try it and if this doesn’t work I can toss it out and go see the doctor anyway. The infection was gone within 3 days.

I was over the moon! My life was saved, I could show my face again. On top of it all, it made my skin look ever better. It was a fraction of the price I was used to pay and my skin looked amazing. Talking about a win-win situation here. To this day, I use this collection every day. It gives my skin a healthy, fresh and youthful look. It hydrates the skin good and it feels really soft.

I love the fact that all the products are made from natural ingredients and important to me, not tested on animals! The collection has a cleanser, a toner, a really nice serum and a moisturizer. They are easy to use. You can buy them as a collection, which has a bit more value, but when you run out of a product sooner than the others, you can buy it also separate. I use these products in combination with the Reveal Facial System, which is a twostep scrub. I use it once a week, which is more than enough.

Next to using great skin care products, please keep in mind that there are some other things you need to consider if you want good looking youthful skin: drink plenty, don’t smoke, keep the coffee on a low level and no alcohol. Also be aware of the sun. Sure there are people who do these things and have great skin. They are the exception, most people can’t. Most skin problems are actually internal problems, showing on the outside. Mine was hormonal balance, with others it could be what they eat or drink. But show a little self-care/ love to your skin and use good products to keep it looking great!

Wishing you a great looking skin too. To your health,


PS if you want to try your own Verage Skin Care Collection, go to the shop and get yours today. There is also a great line for youth problem skin and other skin types.