I’ve been blogging about my daily habits and the oils I use. For a little change, because I had some really busy days, I decided to help some other busy moms out.

So I asked in a Facebook group with busy moms what their go to oils were. It was so funny to see the replies. The most funny answer was duck tape. As many might wish they had some at times, I suggest we settle this with some more natural solutions. So here is the top 10 busy mommy lifesaver oils.

  • Balance Grounding Blend

I’m so not surprised this one came out as the favorite oil. This oil helps support emotions perfectly. It is very grounding and promotes stability, self-containment and an inner-strength. You can use one drop under your feet or 2-3 drops in a diffuser. This works well when diffused during a road trip (get it for your holiday!)

  • Wild Orange

Because this oil supports a positive mood, it makes a great oil for a great start for a busy mom. It helps harmonize emotions and overcoming fear, nervousness and inflexibility. As any other busy mom knows: you need to be flexible when it comes to kids. They have always some curveball to trough at you, when you least expect it. So want more humor or feel more creative? This is your oil! Use a drop of oil in the cup of your hand, rub them together, rub your neck, cup your hands and inhale this sweet aroma for a good start, or a nice 4 o’clock pick me up.

  • Lavender

I don’t use this oil on me personally every day. I have a spray bottle (4 oz./125 ml with 10 drops of oil and filled with water). I use this every day to spray around my son’s bed when he goes to sleep. He is mostly out in minutes. Lavender helps to lover fear and has a great calming effect on the body. Every mom knows: if the kids sleep, we get some sleep. So happy dreaming with this one!

  • Lemon

I love lemon oil! I use it for so many things. First of all for cleaning. It helps remove grease and clue residue. Also great to polish your RVS appliances. But it is a great oil to diffuse to. It smells great, promotes mental clarity, helps to focus and be joyful. It also promotes a feeling to leave the house clean (who doesn’t like that) and one mom stated it has a great effect on men. So I suggest a barrel on stock!  Please be aware: don’t use it topical and go into the sun. Citrus oils and sunlight are not a good match.

  • Rosemary

At first this oil surprised me to be on the list, to be honest with you. But this is a great oil, that helps support your memory. With all those things going on in a busy home, very necessary. Also great when the kids come home with lice. It helps to adjust to a new home, school or relationship. Also great for mental clarity, supporting with learning disabilities, feeling more confident and clearing old energy in the home. I love it in combination with the lemon and peppermint oil.

  • So Peppermint is next!

This oil is great for supporting the digestive track, respiratory system, gives focus and balancing body temperature. I use it when I know I have to drive and feel a bit tired. It renews energy in the home and supports feelings of relief and buoyancy. I love to diffuse it for a bit of energy and focus. This oil can be used topical, but when you have a sensitive skin, please dilute it first with a carrier oil before trying.

  • Elevation Joyful Blend

Whenever I hear this, I have to think about a U2 song. This oil this what it says, it elevates your mind and spirit. It is called the Joyful blend for a reason. This warm aroma of this oil can soothe the heart and balance emotions. It was formulated as an antidepressant. It can inspire feelings of cheerfulness, brightness, courage and relaxation. It can raise your energy levels to a higher state. So a little helper to handle that busy schedule.

  • Motivate Encouraging Blend

Whenever I have an important meeting, I grab this oil. It makes me feel confident, energized and motivated. It is a great oil to start your day with or when you need a little motivation or encouragement. So if there is a task you have been putting off for weeks, this oil will support you in getting it done. I know we moms feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed. This oils support the confidence  to follow through on intentions and inspirations. If you are feeling uninspired, Motivate can support you feeling hopeful again. A little powerhouse in the morning or when feeling a bit stuck.

  • Bergamot

Do you know any mom with feelings of self-judgement, low self-esteem or just not good enough? I guess we all feel it at times. Bergamot is a great oil to help you feel more self-accepted, optimism, confident and good enough. It also is a great oil, to help with a blemished skin (please in the evening, sunlight and citrus oils don’t match). As an energy coach I like how it supports the cleansing properties of the energy system. It sweet aroma is great diffuser blend with peppermint, clove and rosemary.

  • Last but not least: Serenity Calming Blend

The first oil I ever tried. Instead of 2 hours trying to get my son to sleep, he was with 1 drop of oil under his foot, out within 15 minutes. The was sleeping so restful and serene. I really didn’t know just happened. Not that I don’t like to spend time with my son, but he really needs his sleep (as do I and I guess you too). This oil helped me and guess lots of other moms, because it made it into this top 10. But it doesn’t only help with falling asleep. It calms the mind (so no more running there) and helps accepting things as they are, be more forgiving and compassionate. With a friend of mine, her daughter didn’t fall asleep sooner, but could actually sleep through the night. Which is a big plus too.


But now, it is time for this busy mom to get some rest. If you would like some help, with finding the perfect oil(s) for your family, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I love to help you. It pains me to see, that there are still busy moms out there, struggling to make everything work, who can save much despair with the help of 1 drop. I’m not telling you never encounter a problem ever again, but when you finally get the rest/ help etc you need, you can face so much more. It is my mission to empower those lovely ladies, as this little brown bottle so many years ago helped me empower me.

To your health (rest and empowerment),



PS I got some great help writing this blog from great busy moms who spared some of their precious time to help me out. Also the book Emotions and Essential Oils was a great resource.


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