Let me tell you about one of the things that make me happy: flowers!! I just love flowers. They make me happy, with their beautiful colors, their scent. When I have flowers in my home, it gives me an abundant feeling. I just love it.

So you can imagine my disappointment when my dear loving husband never bought them for me. You see, we think different about flowers. Sure he loves them and likes to see them in our home. But…he thinks it a waste of money to buy them. So you see, we had a little of an “issue” there.

He told me about his point of view. I knew. But still, I waited for him to buy me flowers. I thought that would be a sign of his love and appreciation towards me. So I waited, on my birthday, on mother’s day, our wedding day. Year after year. Knowing better, but still hoping he would change. No flowers! So I began to think I didn’t matter, I was not appreciated or valued by him.

Which is absolutely not the case. The problem was ME!. Not him. He told me, how he thought about buying flowers and I still wanted and waited for him to buy them. I placed my values and expectations on him. Not buying me flowers had nothing to do with appreciation or valuing me. It had all to do with my false expectations of him. We sometimes want other people to show or do something, which is so not them. We place false expectations on them and then get angry and upset on them for our false ideas. We should be angry, but on ourselves. We keep stuck in that false idea or expectations. We need to let them go. We need to accept the other person for who they are and accept how they value and appreciate us.

As long as I can only feel appreciated when I get flowers, I will never be happy. He cannot make me happy. I have to make me happy first. I have to value and appreciate me first. If I don’t feel valued, I have to take a good look inside of me. Is it really him, or am I placing false expectations on him?  If buying me flowers makes me happy and he doesn’t buy them. Is that me, or him? It’s me, so I just buy my own flowers.

And is what I’ve been doing for some time now. And I am happy. Happy because I have my flowers and happy, because I freed myself from those false expectations. Because I did, I know, you can do that too.

I had some great help from my oils with that. Some absolute great oils for (self)acceptance, confidence, appreciation and empowerment are: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ginger, Clove, Cassia, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend, Cardamom and Forgive Renewing Blend. You don’t need them all. Just the pick the one(s) that resonate with you and start applying one drop in your hands and inhale or under feet. Let go of those false expectations, step into your own power and be HAPPY.

I know you can, because I did it too. And if I can do it, you can do it! If you need a little help with that, let me know and let’s make it happen together.

To your health,


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