Sometimes you try something new and it doesn’t quit go as planned. I thought I could just sit and write a blog every day for 30 days. Easy!

It turned out not to be so easy. Some days I was tired, other days I lacked ideas where to write about. Other days life just happened. So this time, I’m back, but made my list and know where I want to talk about with you today and the next 29 days to come.

For today it is probably one the best known and widely used oils in the world: Lavender. It is used in perfumes, soaps, body washes for his scent. For over 2,500 years, lavender has been used also for its scent but also for medicinal and religious uses. Starting with Egyptian mummification, lavender moved to Roman bathhouses, fragrance, and cooking.

Somewhere in time some of this knowledge got lost. But got rediscovered when Gattefosse instinctively covered his burned arm with Lavender essential oil and credited the healing powers, which ignited the interest in essential oils and starting a “new” revolution called aromatherapy. That during history and up till now, Lavender is still widely used comes from the varied and effective capabilities it has.


We use this oil a lot in our home, even on a daily basis. Let me share some of the top uses of this wonderful oil.


  • The calming effect. This wonderful oil has a calming effect on many people. Using it aromatically, it helps your brain which is wired for fight of flight to take a rest. When your brain calms down, your whole body calms down. That is why so many people sleep so well on Lavender. It has a second really nice benefit, it also calms feelings of fear and anxiety. Which helps relaxation. I have a small spray bottle with water and Lavender oil next to my sons bed. Before going to sleep we spray his “Monsterspray” around his bed and he is out in minutes.
  • Soothing and healing skin effects. I always have a bottle of Lavender in my kitchen. Lavender has a painkilling and soothing effect, making it a wonderful “911”oil. When I burn my hand will cooking, I just put a drop of oil on it. Also with insect bites, rashes, small cuts, grazes and eczema a little Lavender oil (sometimes in combination with a carrier oil) helps soothing and healing the skin faster. I have seen it with my own son and his recovery from severe burn wounds. When we learned all wounds had closed we used Lavender and other oils to support the normal healing process of the skin.
  • A natural Antihistamine. Although my mom is allergic to Lavender, the oil is a natural antihistamine, also supporting your body during seasonal discomfort or reactions. I watched how a woman had a severe swollen eye because of an allergic reaction to horses. After applying a drop of oil on her cheek bone (never use essential oils directly in the eyes!) we saw the swelling reduce right in front of us.
  • Return to balance. One of the things Lavender is used for is bringing balance back in to the body. Nice to know, it works where the body needs it. Some of the things could be asthma, gallstones, relieve of headaches, reduce high blood pressure and diabetes. The list goes on and on.
  • Emotional uses for better communication. Lavender is called the oil of communication. It aids with verbal expression and calming insecurities. Lavender aids to release the tension of expressing one True self. Negative emotions addressed by Lavender oil are blocked communication, fear of rejection or feeling unseen and unheard. Using Lavender it will open up communication, feeling more relaxed and express emotional honesty.


Lavender oil is like a Swiss Army knife under the essential oils. It has many uses and benefits. Personally, I think it is an oil everybody should have in their home and emergency aid kit. In a busy life, there will always be use for this oil. If it is a small burn while cooking, taking a relaxing bath or looking for relieve for a headache, this oil will help you out. A real must have in a busy household like mine or yours.


Please let me know if you have any questions, how this oil might benefit in your life.


To your health,



PS I only use the doTerra oils in my home. I know these oils are safe and 100% pure. Since I don’t know the quality of any other oil company, everything I write only apply to doTerra oils.

PS2 when your kids are smaller or you have sensitive skin, please dilute the oil more. For the use of oils on animals: the smaller the animal, the more you need to dilute the oil.

PS3 Yes you can use Melaleuca on dogs and cats.

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Credit: Modern Essentials, Emotions and Essential Oils and dr. Eric Z.

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