Today the focus is on a nice and juicy oil: Lemon!! If life gives you lemons, I hope you can make some oil out of it!

There are many health and therapeutic benefits of this oil. But most of all, it is a very powerful cleanser. One of the reasons why a lot of companies use lemon in there cleaning products, is because the smell gives a very clean feeling. The big problem with most of them: they don’t use real lemon oil, just a synthetic fragrance to make it smell good. You can actually save a lot of money and make your own cleaning products with just baking soda, vinegar, water and pure Lemon oil. It is very easy and beneficial for your health too.

But let me share with you, how we use this wonderful oil in our home.

  • Cleaning my body. I probably don’t have to tell you that it is healthy to drink a little lemon juice with water in the morning. From about 4 am till noon, your body does a natural cleansing. That is why in the morning it is important to drink a lot of water, to help your body to wash those chemicals out. Lemon supports the body with that process. As you might know, there is a bit of a problem with the juice; your teeth don’t like it very much. But the Lemon oil comes from the peel and not the juice. The PH value is different and won’t affect your teeth. Because the oil is 50 till 70% more potent, it is even better to drink a drop of it in a large glass of water. If this makes you nauseous, you need to drink more water!!! Never put this oil in a plastic bottle: it dissolves the plastic and you don’t want to drink that, you want to get it out of your system.
  • It turns out, that for pregnant women, using Lemon oil aromatically, it reduced vomiting and nausea. I have to try it, next time my kid gets sick (which he basically never is, but good to know anyway).
  • Clean for the outside. Because it cleanse so well, I clean a lot of my fruit and vegetables with this oil. It’s simple, just some water with a few drops of oil in the sink, just let it soak a few minutes and rinse it clean with tab water. Nice and fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides washing off some of the poisons used, it has another benefit too. In a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it was discovered that by adding lemon essential oils to food it protected the food against human pathogens like ecoli and Salmonella.  Which is another reason why lemon essential oil is an ideally household cleaner.
  • Cleaning the home. There are a lot of ways I use this oil while cleaning my home.
  • Getting rid of the sticky residue from stickers, glue and gum with lemon oil.
  • When my little Rembrandt not only draws on his paper, I wash away crayon and felt pins drawings of the floor and walls with it.
  • A nice smelling laundry? I use vinegar and lemon oil (sometimes with baking soda) to wash out greasy stains. This replaced the fabric softener. Forgot the laundry? No problem, just a few drops on the clothing and into the dryer. No more nasty smells!!!
  • Same with some nasty smells in the home, just a few drops in a diffuser.
  • Put together with some water and vinegar, you have a wonderful window cleaner! It worked wonders on our car windows too.
  • Last but not least here: A lemon oil-soaked cloth will also help spruce up your tarnished silver, stainless steel kitchen equipment and jewelry!  Lemon oil for wood cleaning is also great.
  • Improves mood: Diffusing lemon essential oil in the air can lift mood and fight depression. It also gives some clarity to the mind and helps reduce brain fog. Regular lemon essential oil usage can help regulate our energy stores and play a role in preventing disease, cardiac dysfunction and premature aging. Who doesn’t want to look a bit younger?
  • Promotes Fat-Loss– Putting 2 drops of lemon oil in your water 3x daily can support metabolism and weight loss. When you are new in using oils, always start with 1 drop and over time build this up! Listen to your body, not everyone is the same. Always start with less!
  • Immune Support– Lemon oil can support lymphatic drainage and help your overcome a cold fast, mix it with coconut oil and rub it on your neck. Please be aware that Lemon oil (actually all Citrus oils) can cause skin sensitivity. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product on the skin.

One of the reasons why I love these oils so much, is because of the many varieties of use. This is just a tip of the iceberg on this oil. It is always fun to see, that there are even more ways to use it. And a drop is only 0,05 cents. Smells great, cleans superb and saves me lots of money of chemical cleaning solutions. That makes me very happy, what about you?? And just a little side note here: the smell of lemon in your home, motivates kids (and hubbies) to keep it that way. So less cleaning!

To your health,


PS I only use the doTerra oils in my home. I know these oils are safe and 100% pure. Since I don’t know the quality of any other oil company, everything I write only apply to doTerra oils. So please always make sure you have a good and pure product.

PS2 when your kids are smaller or you have sensitive skin, please dilute the oil more.

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Credit: My own experience and household, Modern Essentials, Emotions and Essential Oils and dr. Axe

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