After being on two kids birthday parties with Jonathan, it is time to focus on my blog again. For today I wanted to talk about time management. Yes another blog about it! I promise, it probably will not be as most blogs on time management. But since we all try to make the most of the time given to us, it is important that we know how to get the most out of it.

So here are some of the greatest tips I learned and want to share with you:

  • Be prepared!

This is my second attempt on writing 30 blogs in 30 days. This is day 6. Why did I fail the first round? I didn’t prepare myself. I thought I would just come up with a great blog every day, just like that. Well, I didn’t. And after an exhausting day, coming up with a good topic and write a good piece was not that simple. This time, I made a list. I know exactly where I will blog about in the next 24 days. When I finish this one, I look at tomorrow’s topic and I have a day to prepare myself for it. This time, it is much easier.  Good preparation is really have of the work. Think about a project like building a house. You need a good preparation and solid foundation to build upon. Think about every project as building a house. It will safe you so much time, if you start prepared to a new task or goal.

  • Always put your keys in the same place!

Are you always looking for your keys? Wallet? Or other important stuff? I loved this advice I once got. It will safe you stress and time to know where things are at! No yelling or stress that you are late on that really important business meeting, because you can’t find your car keys. Because if you are prepared, you have all your things ready, you just have to get the keys and go!

  • Do the things you don’t like first!

I love this advice from Brain Tracy in Eat that Frog! If you do the things you really dredging to do first, you fly through all other tasks and get way more done!

  • Spend your time only on things that bring you closer to your goals!

How much time do you really spend on your goals and how much time on timewasters or things that actually don’t matter? Have you ever taken a good look at how you spend your time in the first place? This was a eyeopener from Darren Hardy for me. The most time you spend, should be on your top 3 goals. If you don’t have any goals…well that is a totally other matter, but I can tell you one thing here. If you don’t have goals, it doesn’t matter what you do, you keep running in circles and will never come anywhere. But even with written down goals, you can still spend most time on things that don’t matter. So what did Darren taught me? I have 3 main goals (Family, business and self-development). Every Sunday I take 30 minutes to write down my tasks for the coming week. If they don’t fall in any of these categories, I simple drop them. I won’t do them. Then plan my week and every morning I plan my day and write a to do list. I get more done this way and only work on the things which matter most or bring my closer to my goals.

  • You can’t manage time, only one self.

Another great teaching from Darren Hardy: you can’t manage time, only one self. I love it, because it is true. We have zero control over time. We have every control on how we use our time (or allow it to be used by others). We can manage time, if we learn how to manage ourselves and don’t allow others or timewasters to manage us. One of the things I learned distracted me a lot and wasted a lot of my time, were social media notifications. If the bleep calls, I couldn’t resist to take a look. No with no bleeps, I have to consciously open the apps and see if there is any news. So once I learned how to manage myself, I got more time to do the things that really matter.

There are two things I want to close with. I learned that if I start the day with some me time (meditation, scripture study, prayer) my days go way better. I started my day more balanced, so I have more balance in the day itself. I can handle curveballs way better. Believe me, with a 4 year old, there are plenty of them. The other thing was, that leaving a few minutes earlier than necessary, saves a lot of stress. Still working on it, but getting better at it all the time.

So be prepared, put your keys in the same place, eat that frog first, spend your time on the things that matter most and bring you closer to your goals and learn how to manage yourself! You really don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on learning to do more stuff, you need to learn what matters most and do that first. All others things will fall in their place by themselves.

To your health and time,