Let me start here, with some gratitude first. After a busy weekend, I’m grateful that I made a list for all the topics this month. It made it so much easier to continue and actually hit my goal of 30 blogs in 30 days.

I have mentioned my dear son Jonathan before. He is a really active, sweet, enthusiastic, energetic and sensitive boy. He is doing really good in school, is a good learner, even when he needs some  encouragement with a lot of things. He is not officially diagnosed as a Highly Sensitive (HSP), but he senses other people’s emotions like no one I’ve ever seen. He loves to go to school and kids play paradise. Even when after a hour or so, he is totally hyper because of all the energy in the place.

I know that not every kid is the same, but here are some oils I learned helped him. I also asked several moms for their experiences.

  • Grounding

One of the most important things to do, is to keep your child grounded. If their heads, are not in the clouds, but firmly on the ground, they are centered and balanced and are more likely to cope with things happening around them. Think of the difference of a tree or a leave. What would you like them to be? High sensitive people have more problems with grounding themselves, so there are some really beautiful oils that can help with that. My personal favorite is Balance Grounding Blend, but Cedarwood, Vetiver and Patchouli are very grounding as well. I would recommend a drop of oil under the feet here.

  • Shielding

High Sensitive people, like my Jonathan have the tendency to take over or feel other people’s emotions and energies. When a child is still very young, this could be very confusing for them. They don’t know how to deal with such emotions yet. You can help them very well with oils, that have shielding or protective benefits. My personal favorite is Melaleuca, but TerraShield Shielding Blend and On Guard Protective Blend can help very well too. I would recommend to put a drop on the wrists and behind the ears (never inside of the ear). When the child is smaller, please dilute the oil before using. You can also try a home make blend called Peaceful child. You need a bit more oils, so I would first try the readymade.

  • Calming

After a busy day, you have to bring an overly active and tired child to bed. This can sometimes be a real challenge. Before I discovered these great oils, I was busy for 2 hours every day and that after a long day of working and traveling. There are some great oils, that help to calm down the mind, so your child can relax more and get the rest it needs. My personal favorite is Serenity Restful Blend, but Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver are some oils that can help too. If you have a child that completely gets hyper on oils like Lavender and Roman Chamomile, please try an oil like Peppermint. It’s sounds weird, because most people get energy from this oil, but if a calming oil has no calming effect, you have to try an oil that has the opposite effect to get the same result.

  • Focus

When you feel all these distractions, it could be hard to focus. So in that case you can try InTune Focus Blend. Jonathan asks for it before he goes to school or just today when you came back from church. I put a drop of it on his wrists, but you can also put it behind the ears or under the feet. Peppermint is also an oil that van help with your focus. Please dilute it when used on a child.

There is one other product I would recommend here and it is called IQ Mega Omega 3 complex. It has a nice Wild Orange taste. Omega 3 is really good for the brains, so to support that brain a bit, just a teaspoon a day is a great help here.

We had a great weekend with 2 children’s birthday parties yesterday and Mother’s Day today. These oils have helped us to deal with it and have fun. I do hope you and your child can not only ‘survive” birthday parties like these, but actually enjoy them.

To your and your child’s health,



PS I only use the doTerra oils in my home. I know these oils are safe and 100% pure. Since I don’t know the quality of any other oil company, everything I write only apply to doTerra oils.

PS2 when your kids are smaller or you have sensitive skin, please dilute the oil more. The smaller the child, the more you need to dilute the oil.

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Credit: My household experience, a lot of great moms and their children, Modern Essentials, Emotions and Essential Oils.

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