There are many ways you can use essential oils, but today I want to focus on the aromatic use of the oils. I love to diffuse them in my home, so it smell nice. But essential oils have way more benefits, then just smelling nice.

Let’s start with what the benefits of aromatic use.

The mean reason why aromatic use is so beneficial, is because it influences mood very quickly. We have to look at how our brain works to understand it. When we inhale the smell of an oil, it very quickly (almost instantly) reaches our old brain (called amygdala). That part of the brain is busy with just one thing all day: is it safe or not. So calming oils like Lavender, can relax the amygdala, which then in its turn relaxes the whole body. Next to the amygdala is the hippocampus, which is involved in the storage of long-term memory, which includes all past knowledge and experiences. The hippocampus seems to play a major role in declarative memory, the type of memory involving things that can be purposely recalled, such as facts or events. Smell is a great trigger for memories and these oils can help with that. Certain smells can bring memory to a holiday or a beloved (grand) mother or other person. Many people think about aromatherapy as only promoting relaxation. But you can use it to improve a person’s mood, physical well-being and mental performance. It is also a way to help increase concentration and improve memory.

Since the oils have different effects, like uplifting, invigorating, calming, motivating, comforting etc. So you can look at your mood and see what oil you can use to support you.

So how can you use an essential oil aromatically?

First of all, let me tell how not! It is very popular to use a candleholder and burn the oil for a nice smell. If you burn an essential oil, you lose all therapeutic benefits. A real essential oil can only be diffused by an so called cold diffuser. They come in all sorts and sizes. In my favorite one, the Zenbow diffuser, you just put in a few drops of your favorite oil, add a little water and turn it on. I do this every evening with my son. He may chose the color he likes for that day and he is off to sleep.

Another way is to smell it directly from the bottle or put a drop in your hands, rub them together, some oils you can rub in your neck also (if you have sensitive skin, be aware that this oils are now undiluted and can cause irritation) and cup the hands and inhale deeply.

Other ways to use the oil aromatically are:

  • Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your vehicle
  • Mix oils in a spray bottle with water and mist over furniture, carpet, or other linens
  • Spritz oil on clothing
  • Add oil to a batch of laundry or to dryer sheets
  • Use in household surface cleaners

Aromatic use of essential oils is very safe and is generally well tolerated; however, it is important to use this application method appropriately. As with all application methods, diffusion should be used in smaller doses, multiple times throughout the day to achieve the maximum benefits. Amount of oil diffused, proximity to the diffuser, and room size determine the necessary diffusing time length. The more oil diffused and a closer proximity to the diffuser will elicit a more potent effect. If you are using a water-based diffuser, it is generally recommend to use 1–5 drops of oil per diffusion period. As with all methods of use: less is more and a little goes a long way.

Diffusing the oils are a safe way to use the oil with baby’s, little children and animals. With cats, always keep a door a bit open, so they can leave it they want to. If you are a cat owner, I don’t need to tell you, they have their own opinion about everything, let them choose what they want.

To your health and lovely smelling home,



PS I only use the doTerra oils in my home. I know these oils are safe and 100% pure. Since I don’t know the quality of any other oil company, everything I write about the use of the oils only apply to doTerra oils.

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