One of the things I love about my work, is that I get to do a lot of personal development. I always have loved to learn new things and challenge myself. Well, I get to do a lot of both now.

I love to words from Jim Rohn: for things to become better, you have to become better. I believe that is true. I believe that we are all diamonds, we’re here to shine. We are children of a loving God and He wants us to become the best version of ourselves.

But the road to become a shiny diamond is not easy, but it is worth it. In becoming a diamond, you have to survive extreme conditions. Extreme heat, pressure over a long period of time. So after all that, do you think that you have a beautiful diamond?

No. I hate to tell it, but after all the heat and pressure, there is still a long way to go. Now you have a rough diamond, that need to be cut. With a lot of force, little pieces are being cut off. After multiple cuts, there is a shiny diamond.

In our lives, the same things happen. We have to endure heat and pressure at times. I remember having to spend a month in the burn unit with our than 14 month old Jonathan. I thought I got stretched way beyond I was capable of. But I endured. And prevailed.

And sure, I felt those little knocks or hard cuts in my life. I pretty sure, you had them too. The times we wonder “why me”. I learned to leave that question behind. Because it doesn’t bring me anything, no answers and no growth. I learned to ask “what can I learn from this”, ‘how can I stand up and succeed?” You see, the triumph doesn’t come from lying down on the floor when we get knock down. The triumph comes from rising after a fall and try again.

I learned that everything happens for my highest good. My mother always told you, that no matter what you do, you always learn something and it might come in handy at one point. A good friend once told me, that there are two ways to get through a trail. Kicking and screaming or just go with the flow and see what it wants to learn. Experiences has learned, the second way is the better way.

When we become nonresistance, our light will come out and begin to shine, just like a diamond.

I’m just grateful to have learned, that there is always another door, if the one in front of me doesn’t open. To be grateful and always open to learning. I am very grateful to have my beloved family behind me and amazing oils to support me through the challenges I face.

I love the scene in Disney’s The Empires New Groove, where they are in a bucket heading towards a waterfall and once one of them realizes they will go down it, he says: bring it on! I know we can face every challenge we face in our lives. They are put on our path to make us stronger and even more beautiful as we already are. If the door in front of you doesn’t open, it might not be your door. So if you turn around, you might see another one. A better and more beautiful one. So look around, get up and try again. It will not only make you stronger, but makes you shine even brighter and brighter.

Beceuse you are a diamond and ready to shine. You always had the power, you only had to learn it for yourself (1). And try some great oils, like Forgive (forgiveness, understanding, letting go), ZenGest Digestive Blend (assimilate new information), Bergamot (losing self-judgement) or Rosemary (accepting change). For every different mood or feeling there is support. Just let me know I can help you, find your perfect oil match. I’m happy to help, because you are really worth that.

To your health.


  • From the Wizard of Oz.

PS I only use the doTerra oils in my home. I know these oils are safe and 100% pure. Since I don’t know the quality of any other oil company, everything I write about the use of the oils only apply to doTerra oils.

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Credit: my household experience and Emotions and Oils

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