A few days ago I wrote the first part about dealing with overwhelm and acceptance. Today I would like to talk about another part: asking!

I wish I had this part down a couple of years down my marriage. It would have saved me from a lot of annoyance. This is actually something I heard a lot from my friends, family and coworkers. Because we might see, there is work that need to been in our home, it doesn’t mean our spouse would too. For example a friend of mine told me, she put things on the stairs, so her husband can pick it up and take it with him. But what happens is, he goes upstairs, leaps over the things on the stairs, never thinking about why it is there in the first place. She ends up taking it upstairs herself and when she asked, why he didn’t, his replay is simple. Did I need to take it upstairs? Other example, me being pregnant and ironing my husband’s shirts. He made a cup of tea for himself and soon after that he left for an appointment. When he came back, he found me furious, why he wouldn’t make me a cup of tea (please keep in mind, that those hormones play tricks on you when you are pregnant). It had simply never occurred to him, to ask me if I wanted a cup. Nor did I ask at that moment to make me a cup too. There are many more examples about done chores in the home, but you got the idea, right?

So to us it might be obvious there is something that needs to be done. But surprise: it might not be obvious to someone else, even your spouse or kids.

Remember, they can’t read your mind, they don’t own a crystal ball and they are probably busy with their own things. And to be honest, they are not getting our hints either. They are probably not aware of the fact, that you might need so help with something. So how can we let people know we need help?? By asking them for help! And yes, be specific about what you need to be done.

I know it might be hard sometimes to admit, we simply can’t do it all. But the moment we admit it and ask for help, we won’t loose any superpowers, we will gain some!

Remember in the Bible it says: ask and you will receive. If God is all knowing and still wants us to ask for things, don’t you think that the little less all knowing people around us, need to be asked for help too?

So do yourself a big favor, save yourself from the annoyance and stress and start to ask for help. It will really make things easier. And that is what we all want!

I hope you got value from this. Please feel free to reach out to me, if you have any questions or need some help getting started with empowering yourself and your family with natural (health) solutions.

To your health,