As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of essential oils. We use them all the time in our home, for really everything. I share a lot of the oils too. Sometimes I get the feedback that the oil didn’t give the desired result. So let me explain why this could be.

  1. Not everybody’s the same.

Not on the outside and not on the inside. We don’t have the same body chemistry. Now you might think, what else is new? But it is a reason why an oil might have a different effect on you. You might already know this, but could be not aware of it. See, if you would go to a pharmacy to get some medication, you would see all different products for the same condition. Why? Same reason, not everyone has the same effect with them, so there are several products you can try. So the same goes with essential oils. There are different oils available for the same condition. It could be, that you need to try another oil to get the desired results. Don’t look strange if your children need different oils for the same condition, like for falling asleep. There is always an oil for every condition. And sometimes you have a try a little to find the right one. (side note: I have a wonderful machine that will tell you within 1 minute what oils you need, saves lots of time trying)

  1. You might try an oil for the wrong condition.

Let me explain this, for example 2 people are talking about not sleeping and they would both try the same oil. One couldn’t sleep because of stress, the other due to pain. If I would give them both an oil to lessen stress, the one with the pain still wouldn’t sleep. Because the problem is actually the pain and not trouble with sleeping. if I would give an oil to take away the pain, the person would sleep. So try to be as specific as possible when you describe why you want to try an oil, so you will be given a sample for the right condition.

3) Wrong expectations

To be honest, oils can do a lot, but they are no magic pill. If for example you have a condition that was build up in 30 years time, that will not be solved by using 1 drop of oil. It could give relief of the condition, but it will not be magically healed with that one drop. I know that in these microwave times, we expect instant results, but that is just not going to happen. Some conditions need a longer period of time to improve. I heard many stories of quick recoveries, but not everybody is the same, not every condition is the same. Give it the time it needs and make sure you have the right oil for the right condition to work with!

4) The quality of the oil

My first draft of this blog only had 3 reasons why an oil might not work. But on my way picking up my son from school, I came to think of another important reason. The quality of oil! Essential oils are very popular right now and everybody wants a piece of the pie. So it is really important that you look for a good quality oil, pure and organic, like the doterra oils. These are undiluted and chemical free. So the more purere the oil, the more potent it is and the better your result you will get.

I hope you got value from this. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need some assistance finding the perfect fit oils for you. I love to help you out.

To your health,