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Thank you for stopping by on my website. My name is Marie-Christine Belemsigri-Dezaire and just love nature and his powerful remedies.
I am a Wife, Mom of four year old Jonathan, Teacher, Mentor, Cook, Nurse, Counselor, Essential Oil Educator, Business Owner, Network Marketing Professional, Singer, Energy Worker, lover of good books, music, movies, animals and travelling! I love my life and I love to share what I love with other women (and men if they want to) just like me.

I was raised in a home where good food and natural healthcare were the way to go. My father always had, next to his job as a German teacher, a big garden where he grew his own vegetables. In his spare time he studied homeopathy. My mother had a career as caretaker, she took not only take care of her own 6 kids. Everyone who needs help can count on her. She was around almost all the time and so never missed the important things in my life. This is something that I want for myself and my family. So when I was introduced to doTerra, it was like coming full circle.
I love people and love to share the wonderful doTerra products with them. I can’t wait to tell about the wonders these products did for me and my family. The business model of Network Marketing has so much to offer and can make that dream of spending more time with our families possible. And not just that. My dream is not only to take care of my own family, but also to make projects possible in Burkina Faso. That is the African country my husband comes from. doTerra is the key in all of this. My passion is to help people gain control of their life and health and be self-reliant and self supporting. When you find something you are truly passionate about, nothing will stand in your way. Passion and drive will take you places you have only imagined.
Education is the key to success and I make it an absolute priority for the people I work with. This means both on the business, personal development and the essential oils. I make sure that no person on my team is left helpless and lost. I will mentor you through the entire process and help you be successful in doTERRA and reaching your health goals.

Marie-Christine Belemsigri-Dezaire

Independent Product Consultant

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